How does Photo sharing help in your Link Building campaign?

There can be many alternative techniques for building links, some to consider good and others to consider black hat. While many people prefer content-based links, let me tell you that images within a website also create great potential for capturing important inbound links. As? That is how:

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Human beings have a psychological nature to glimpse images before textual content. So your image stands out first and therefore has greater potential to drive more traffic than your regular text links (as long as they are meaningful and add some value).
You have the option to optimize your images with keywords, similar to the anchor texts in your hyperlinks. You can use the alt attribute on images, which will allow you to optimize image links for specific keywords. (but make sure that your image is consistent with the keyword you want to rank for)
The images go viral very quickly. Social media provides a great platform for linking images with thousands of people, which are liked and shared at the same time. This way you make your way to acquire a lot of valuable inbound links.
Your image links don’t waste link juice.
Links to images allow the link profile to appear natural.
If your image is well optimized, you also have the option to appear in Google image search results, increasing traffic to your site.

Confused about how to use images for link building? Here we are!
A while ago, I read that content with images gets 90% more traffic than content without images. But, unfortunately, very few webmasters seem to properly market their images in link building campaigns. Here are some simple ways to help you do the same:

To get started, create infographics. You have no idea how much users love them! Well, why shouldn’t they? Infographics have the potential to present the most complicated information and statistics in the simplest, most attractive, and most interesting way. You just need good graphics and really valuable information on an important topic in your niche and you’re good to go.
Include images in your content to interest users and increase their engagement in reading. It could be funny, satirical, or it could be something that can provide more information about your content.
Optimize your images for the keywords (pay close attention to relevance) you want to rank for, so that your image appears in Google’s image search results. This additional traffic to your website can be someone visiting your website for the first time and it could likely become a new customer, a new subscription, or just a new link.
Use your images to link to your site from another related website.
Use images to promote your seasonal content, such as when you go to a charity or make a donation to post all of your images.
Use your images to promote your website on a social media platform. I recently read that tweets with image links get double the engagement rate than those without.

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