Bras Can Give You Back Your Confidence And Shape

Sometimes women can lose one or both breasts when they undergo mastectomy treatment for breast cancer. Mastectomy bras are designed to hold a prosthesis in place of the natural breast.

A mastectomy is a common surgical procedure for breast cancer and involves the removal of the breast. Then an artificial breast, called a prosthesis, is placed to replace the removed breast.

Fasion Style Tips

This procedure can not only leave physical but also emotional scars. Many of us women tend to become recluses after mastectomy, fortunately today there is a lot of help available.

It is a great alternative for breast reconstruction.

Mastectomy bras are great alternatives for women who do not want to have surgical breast reconstruction right away. On the other hand, if a woman chooses to wear a breast implant that does not adhere directly to the skin, she will need to wear a special mastectomy bra with pockets for the prosthesis.

Most women will be able to use a breast implant within 2 to 8 weeks after surgery, when the doctor is sure the area is completely healed. However, in some cases, the duration may be longer.

Mastectomy bras are designed with special pockets in the cup area and these pockets are designed to hold the prosthesis.

A good prosthesis and a well-designed mastectomy bra are important as they help balance posture and also provide protection for breast and breast cancer wounds or scars. They will also help reduce the chances of back, neck and shoulder problems.

Feel old again!

If the mastectomy bras you wear make people think that you are entering a convent, go for it! Just reading mastectomy bras can make them look dull and lifeless. However, there are many attractive bras available in various colors, including white, ivory, black, beige, etc.

A wide range of styles and designs are added to the market every day. These bras incorporate the latest in fashion and will make you feel like you are old and normal again.

Some stores even allow you to select normal bras and put them separately in the special pockets, to make bras for mastectomy. This is extremely convenient for women who do not believe that mastectomy bras do them justice.

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