Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

FASNOLOGY: Fashon & Technology. Augmented reality smart glasses are a new generation of wearable devices, and prominent examples include Microsoft Hololens or Google Glass. Smart glasses combine (and fuse) the virtual world with the physical world.


Smart glasses are a new form of multimedia devices. They cover simpler products with a single prism, like Google Glass, or more complex products, like Microsoft’s Hololens. Smart glasses are more than wearables or a new generation of smartphones. They are not just “EyePhones”. Smart glasses are “the next big thing” in media technology. Recent forecasts predict huge growth rates over the next few years. Due to the novelty and huge potential of augmented reality smart glasses, an early understanding of the market is required. The success of smart glasses can be increased if manufacturers and developers are aware of the barriers and success factors. Furthermore, the application of existing theories appears to be limited, as analyzed in our research. Finally, augmented reality smart glasses also have an impact on society as a whole. For example, using them in public could violate privacy or copyright laws. In short, a lot of interdisciplinary research is needed to understand this technology.

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